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Prozac, the drug that delivers happiness to one and all, propelled to the top of the drug charts and has held that top position for many years. The most widely prescribed antidepressant made by that very happy company Eli Lilly, Prozac has spawned odes, poems, Pez candy dispensers, and created an army of really, really happy people. Prozac has taken on mythic proportions in our culture. Is there adark underbelly to Prozac? If there is one, it's hard to find, but we did come up with a few dissensions. C'mon, get happy!!!

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A Gift Horse Named Prozac

 Level 4 **** A very good descriptive essay of what Prozac can do to make the family happier. Also questions the indiscriminate offering of Prozac by doctors to depressed patients.


Prozac's Can and Can't-Do Powers

 Level 4 **** A simple FAQ about Prozac.


Doctor's Guide: Prozac

 Level 4 **** Medical links and discussion groups on Prozac.


The Prozac Revolution

 Level 4 **** A deliberative essay on the Prozac revolution and Prozac culture's stars like Elizabeth Wurtzel and Peter Kramer. Pros and cons cited here.


The Dark Side of Prozac

 Level 4 **** An in-depth site on depression and alternative ways of attacking it, BESIDES taking Prozac. Links to support groups. Site says that Prozac can incite aggression, hallucinations, hostility, assault, manslaughter and suicide.


Prozac Pez Dispenser Page

 Level 4 **** The world would be a happier place if Prozac was dispensed in Pez candy dispensers, don't you agree? Find your favorite Reagan or Clinton dispenser, receive your 'America Depressed' card.


Beyond Prozac

 Level 4 **** Finally someone asks if it would indeed be such a good thing to have everyone be happy. Click here to see why this guy thinks there should be sadness too!


Prozac: Panacea Or Pandora?

 Level 4 **** A dissenting view on Prozac. Very interesting read, indeed...


Liquid Prozac

 Level 3 *** An Ode of Thanks to Prozac by a very satisfied customer. This Prozac user describes in detail how he takes it and what it does for him.


Snowball the Prozac Bear

 Level 3 *** Snowball is that famous caged bear who was given Prozac to stop her pacing. Herein is an 'Ode by Snowball' written by a sympathetic observer.


Prozac Survivors

 Level 3 *** Lotsa links to lotsa info on the 'wonder drug' Prozac... The information assembled here may make ya wonder all right.



 Level 2 ** A brief description of what Prozac has done to our culture. In two words: Changed it.



 Level 2 ** Pro-Prozac paragraph from AdList Internet advertising that suggests that if you have even pondered using Prozac, then Prozac is for you.


Prozac Cures Cluster Headaches?

 Level 2 ** According to this Prozac user, Prozac cures cluster headaches too!


Prozac and Vampires: The Hidden Connection

 Level 0 Another essay spawned by Prozac culture. The title sez it all, no? Lunatic rantings.



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