This Page wears Black as a Demon-
stration of Concern for the Human Rights
of Those Who are Labeled with any of
the so-called Mental Illness Diagnoses.

Send an e-mail to Scott Chambers, Cartoonist. "Wrong Address." The psychiatric swat team injects the wrong man.

To wit: We are Under Attack by
Extremists Funded by the Pharmaceutical
Industry and Millionaire Fanatics.
At their behest, Domenici/Kennedy have Introduced
the Psycho Scarecrow Bill in Senate.

Report from the 2000 Highlander:
Psychiatric Survivors Speak for

Help put an end to forced electroshock .
It's happening right now.

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NEW!!A Day at the Office for Dr. Brutal, Psychiatrist
The Horror of Electroshock Therapy
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WHY avoid psychiatry? For lots of excellent reasons.
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While ignorance continues, we bleed.

By Fred Baughman Jr. M.D. (
This link will take you to his ADHD Fraud Site)
Psychiatry's Electroconvulsive Shock Treatment: A Crime Against Humanity
Free Psychiatric Survivor newspaper 
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Fighting unjust psychiatry for over nine years while languishing in a forensic "mental health"-hole in Illinois, Rodney Yoder is the one with the finger in the dike. A flood of unreasoning tyranny threatens to bury human dignity and freedom and the best minds of seven generation along with it. No evolution of human thought is possible with the static-quo and the chains brought by those who would call wide swaths of the diversity of human thought and emotion "disease" and profit from "medicating" and repressing it.

Rodney seeks volunteer experts who will testify that he is free from biological or mental defect or disease and therefore the justification for confining him is false. He can pay the expenses of those who will travel to his defense for the next of his periodic IVC trials. [Some might question why a form of disability should be treated as a crime in the first place, but that is another matter.] Read his full page memorandum. For the latest news about Rodney see the Shrinkbusters main page.


The Surgeon General gives his kiss of approval to


Evil-looking lips. Link to article.

Leak of the draft report on "mental health" caused a furor that made the "public health" bureaucrats think twice about calling shock "safe and effective" though it is still heavily promoted in the Surgeon General's Report. And psychiatric drugs are officially approved as the one and only possible panacea for emotional problems. In fact, you'll like the drug solution, or else. Federal legislation is being proposed to make it national policy to force all mentally labeled persons unwilling to let themselves be "medicated" onto powerful neuroleptic ["nerve-seizing"] drugs, known to shrink the brain.

What causes the violence, much overplayed by the "treatment" zealots and their allies in the press, attributed to those with psychiatric histories? Could it be the drugs used to control them? Check this out: Court Finds Prozac and Xanax Cause Criminal Conduct.

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