Links to Articles and Websites Concerning "Mental Patient" Rights

Authentic Informed Consent for Electroshock

The Case Against Psychiatric Coercion Dr. Thomas Szasz.

Civil Commitment: Past, Present and Future

Coercive psychiatry, human rights and public participation by Richard Gosden

Enforcement Guidelines on the ADA and Psychiatric Disabilities

The Enforcer: Mental Health System Oppression

Foucault Tribunal finds psychiatry guilty of the combination of force and unaccountability, a classic definition of totalitarian systems.
Berlin, May 1998.

Is Involuntary Commitment for "Mental Illness" aViolation of Substantive Due Process? Lawrence Stevens, J.D.

The Journal of Mind and Behavior -- Challenging the Therapeutic State.

Judge Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Lawrence Stevens is a lawyer whose practice has included representing psychiatric "patients". He has published a series of pamphlets about various aspects of psychiatry, including psychiatric drugs, electroshock, and psychotherapy. Note: is temporarily offline. A sample set of four pamphlets containing articles featured on the Antipsychiatry Coalition website can be obtained by following the link on

Medical Power, Tim Konza, of DISARM.

Media Ignores Crucial Issues

Mental Disability Rights International

Mental Health Advocacy, from Then to Now
On the National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy website

Network Against Coercive Psychiatry
Note: Dr. Seth Farber informs me that "The Network is in suspended operation." Nonetheless this paper eloquently puts forward the truth about the "mental health" system and why it must be resisted.

May 2, 1998 statement by Justin Dart, Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee.

The Trouble with PACT

Shrinking the Freedom of Thought: How Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Violates Basic Human Rights


Survivor Action Agenda- MadNation

Toolkit for Activists

The Unjustified Rise of Psychiatry, Rob Ryley

U.S to use psychiatric prisons for offenders!

Your rights as a patient