"Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined." Samuel Goldwyn

"The empire of psychiatric power is more than three hundred years old and grows daily more all-encompassing. But we have not yet begun to acknowledge its existence, much less to understand its role in our society." Thomas Szasz

"The mental health establishment has snowed the American people: it launches the most unimaginable brutal psychological and physical assault on human beings in distress, calls this 'medical treatment', and then blames the outcome on 'mental illness'. Seth Farber, PhD

"Going to a psychiatrist has become one of the most dangerous things a person can do." Peter Breggin, MD

"You can't just label these conditions and make people take drugs that seem to go with the labels. Most of these conditions are anomalous and can't be categorized. The most important thing is what works for YOU." Anonymous Neurologist

"I don't care what they say: the mental health business is the stigmatization business and nothing more or less. It's hardest to see the air we breathe. If you think you have an open mind, test it by reading something by Thomas S. Szasz, M.D." John Friedberg, MD

Goffman was spot on (some 40 years ago) when he outlined how the 'mental patient' was constructed. Then, as now, more than a mere process of netting those individuals who stood out from the crowd. But now, more than ever, a case of pathologising normal life events, and presupposing pathology in perfectly healthy individuals (hence, the emerging franchises of 'risk' and 'vulnerability'). Sadly, the mental health industry depends for its growth on cooperation as much as it does on coercion. We find ourselves living amongst a gaggle of willing consumers, as much dependent upon mental health workers as mental health workers are dependent upon them. This insidious symbiosis lies at the heart of why positive change is next to non-existent in the mental health industry. Those who are oppressed by it are also intrinsically part of it. How can they then meaningfully oppose what gives their lives significance? What would they do with their lives if there was no mental health industry? Steafan Kilkeary

Doctors in all ages have made fortunes by killing their patients by means of their cures. The difference in psychiatry is that is the death of the soul. R.D.Laing

Healing has become increasingly marginal to the West's dominant healing system. Arthur Kleinman, M.D.

Recent research has shown, that the vast majority of people who are violent do not suffer from mental illnesses. --American Psychiatric Association website. URL: http://www.psych.org/public_info/VIOLEN~1.HTM

For all the people confined in psychiatric institutions against their will, for all the people confined in group homes and congregate living facilities, for all the people confined by the internal walls of forced drugging, for all the people confined by the lost memories and broken brains of electroshock, I say: We will not wait! Our struggle is being fought today, on many fronts, by many brave people, who want nothing more than the chance to live our potentials, to take chances, to succeed, to fail, to try, to have opportunities, to make mistakes, to achieve, to change our minds, to be foolish, to pursue our dreams. Judi Chamberlin, author of ON OUR OWN: Patient-Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System

"The field of mental health is highly subjective, capricious, and dominated by whims, mythologies, and public relations. In many ways it is a pop culture with endless fads but with no real substance." Dr. Walter Fisher, Assistant Superintendent, Elgin State Hospital. Power, Greed, and Stupidity in the Mental Health Racket

Psychiatry is the worm in the apple of medicine. Nugatorius

The mental health system is a sinking ship.... Trying to fix a system this misdirected and corrupt is only arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The system is going to hoist itself on its own petard. Its own greed, exploitation and lack of human love will be its undoing ultimately. It is hard to wait for that day. But that day is coming. Do not fear. That day is coming. Sue Poole

"Much of today's psychiatric science is based on wish, myth, and politics." - Loren Mosher, M.D., Former Chief of the Center for Studies of Schizophrenia, The National Institute of Mental Health.