Articles and Websites Pointing Out the Less-Than-Well-Reasoned Operating Principles of the "Mental Health" System

Against Biologic Psychiatry. David Kaiser, MD

Allergies can cause 'psychotic' behavior. Most psychiatrists are clueless that this can happen. A personal story.

Alternative Views of "Mental Illness". An "In a Nutshell" presentation ;-)

The Boom in Psychicatric Syndromes, by Sheila M. Rothman

Can Psychiatry Be Retrieved From a Biological Approach?, Duncan Double, psychiatrist

Consequences of the use of the medical model in addressing emotional troubles.

Debunking "mental illness" / violence myth: Consensus Statement

Diffusion of Deficit. The mental health professions operate by constructing a reality of mental deficit.

Does Mental Illness Exist?

DSM - IV, Review of Making Us Crazy

Is Mental Pain Mental Illness?

The Journal of Mind and Behavior - Challenging the Therapeutic State

Logical Errors in Mental Health, Rob Ryley

Media Ignores Crucial Issues

Mental Breakdown As A Healing Process

Mental Illness Subject Of Much Misconception

Pseudoscience in Biological Psychiatry. Book Review

Psychiatric Power - By a resident psychiatrist who points out what to many is not obvious: Psychiatrists wield an "incredible degree of social power."

Reductionism and Overdetermination in the Explanation of Human Nature - Robert M. Young

"Required Reading for Revolters"

Rigid Ways of Thinking
Why no badly needed alternatives to the "mental health" system can exist.

Schizophrenia, Psychiatry and Mysticism, by Richard Gosden

Spirituality: A Missing Link in Psychiatry