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Hello, my name is Tasty Mouth Plug. I will be there to keep you from shattering your teeth when you receive your first elective or coerced "kinder, gentler ECT."

Psychiatrist, the late Dr Gerald Tewfik who had a private practice in
Perth, Western Australia and had previously held a senior position with the WA Mental Health Services, went public in the late 1980's to warn that ECT: "Almost certainly causes brain damage in about 20 percent of those who undergo a course of the treatment." Sunday Independent newspaper. Dr Tewfik pioneered ECT in the UK in the 1950's before working in South African and finally settling in WA.

Take a look at how solicitous two-faced mainstream medicine can be to "legitimate" survivors of electrical trauma. A case in point, the situation of lightning survivors. Lightning Strike Survivor's Resources on the Web. Lightning strike survivors have a lot of the same problems psychiatric survivors of electroshock do. But don't expect to be embraced if you approach them, pointing out that you are like them. I was discouraged from participating in one of their e-mail groups when a member turned out to be a psych "nurse" who participates in giving shock "treatments"!!! There exists a Dr. Cooper, expert on electrical injuries, and a darling of the lightning survivor groups. When I sent her information showing that psychiatry's electroconvulsive "therapy" was the same thing as closed-head electrical injury, said she "might read it when she retires." If you would like to express to her how callous and wrong-headed that attitude is, write her an e-mail.

Action on Psychiatry and Health. ECT Challenge for shrinks & other ECT information.

Adverse Psychological Effects of ECT

Augmenting My Financial Standing by Selling the Public More ECT Lies is the real name for Shock-Pappy Max Fink's new book euphemistically entitled "Electroshock: Restoring [180 degree medicaleeze jargon for destroying] the Mind." All sorts of glowing reviews can be had by tuning into, negative reviews pointing out the truth of electroshock are dropped like hot potatoes. Read the best (unpublished by Amazon) such review so far. It's by Linda Andre, chairwoman of the Committee for Truth in Psychiatry.

The Brain and ECT. A primer on the importance of the brain and why psychiatrists are charlatans for running electricity through it.

The Buzz About Electroshock. From CBS, March 13, 2001. News about a study showing an unexpectedly high relapse rate after Electroshock.

 - Dr. John Friedberg, Neurologist

A Mainstream Page of Links
From Brain and Mind. Heavily biased towards the official medical view. Covering up a criminal activity is a crime in its own right. Still, some useful links, for those that can separate fact from fiction.

Authentic Informed Consent for Electroshock

Ban Shock

"Better Living Electrically," electroshock debate on the Straightdope Message Board

Consumer group criticises surgeon general on ECT. British Medical Journal online.

ECT:Sham Statistics, Consumer Misinformation, Myths of Convulsive Therapy

ECT Survey online

Electroshock as head injury. Report for the National Head Injury Foundation

Electroshock: Its Brain-Disabling Effects by Peter Breggin, MD

Electroshock: scientific, ethical, and political issues. Well referenced, convincing (to anyone but the diehard closed-minded believer).

ELECTROSHOCK: What the professional literature says.

Electroshocking the Elderly. Don Weitz.

End the Torture of Electroshock. Portland, OR activist Christina Hanley's letter to the editor of the pro-shock Ms. Magazine.

HORROR STORIES from the Mental 'Health' System. Psychee Publishing. Site down. May be obtainable from Douglas Cameron. If interested, e-mail me and I will attempt to dig up current contact information for him.

The Landscape of A Mind Ravaged by Electric Shock

Leonard Roy Frank's speech at May 18, 2001 New York City hearing on forced electroshock in NY.

Mental Health Art?
If you're a psychiatrist/shock doc, or top-notch ECT-promoting psychiatric nurse, here's what I'm rather loosely allowing as a work of art, that's called "Shock Treatment". You can buy it for a mere 2000 dollars. A very appropriate and mentally healthy amount, for that is right about what the "profession" rakes in from one brain-sizzling electroshock session!

Join the Committee for Truth in Psychiatry and help fight the most horrible medical quackery of the century! Printable enrollment form.

Psychiatry's Electroconvulsive Shock Treatment:
 A Crime Against Humanity

40,000 Volts of Fun
Juli Lawrence

See Shock Machines Here

Shocking Development. Story about the dramatic comeback of electroshock, from the Dec. 7-13, 1995 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

Shock-Treatment Damage Survey from ECT Anonymous -- March '99

Vermont: Anti-shock activists protest building of new ECT wing at the Brattleboro "Retreat". Brattleboro Reformer.

What DiffErenCe Does IT Make - Absolutely gripping story by Wendy Funk, who picks a doctor out of the yellow pages to tend to her sore throat, ends up being stuck in a loony-bin for a year and a half for 40 shock "treatments."

Write FDA protesting approval of ECT device sans testing! Also write your Congressman and require that they see the FDA live up to its mandate to protect the American people from medical quackery, and that they should extend this protection also to those viewed as "mentally ill."