Links to Articles and Websites Containing Information On Psychoactive Drugs

The (UK) professional body for psychiatrists has conceded that antidepressant pills such as Prozac may only have a 50% success rate in treating depression.

Adverse effects associated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants: a meta-analysis

Against Biologic Psychiatry. David Kaiser, MD

Antidepressant discontinuation reactions

The Antidepressant Web


Breakthrough or Bust? More about the mistaken rush to simplify the processes involved in depression. Mental Health Net.

Can Psychiatry Be Retrieved From a Biological Approach?, Duncan Double, psychiatrist

The Chemical Asylum from EYE Magazine

The Dark Side of Psychiatric Drugs. USA Today

The Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs, Gary Novak

Data indicates the "antidepressant" Prozac is responsible for 25,000 suicide deaths.

New depression drug may indicate Serotonin explanation too simple.

Diet Pills Cause Brain Damage. National Insitutute of Mental Health report.

"Drugs Über Alles," our story on the spread of forced drugging, courtesy of Mouth magazine.

Drug Withdrawal and Emotional Recovery. John Breeding, psychologist

Eight Myths About Psychiatric Drugs

Elaborate Placebos. Psychoactive effects of antidepressants may be all in the mind.

How psychiatry is making drug addicts out of America's school children


Long-Term Side Effects Surface With SSRIs from Clinical Psychiatry News

Medical Journal Cites Misleading Drug Research

Neuroleptics. Deadly weapons in the hands of psychiatry.

The Paxil Database

Placebo effect most therapeutic component of psych drugs!
New study shows over 75% of beneficial effects of SSRIs are non-pharmaceutically induced.

Prozac Links From Dec. '99 Mother Jones. An influential mental health nonprofit finds its 'grassroots' watered by pharmaceutical millions.

Prozac Survivor Page

Pseudoscience in Biological Psychiatry

Psychiatric Medications as Symptoms, Dr. David Kaiser

Psychiatric Drugs Shorten Lifespan, by S. Moser

Selecting Antidepressants. Most physicians have no idea how to match specific antidepressant medications to individual patients.

Second Opinion Society drug information sheets. Includes advice on the safe way to stop them.

Stopping over-medication should be the mental health movement's first task.

Straight talk about SSRIs and other psychiatric drugs. Interview with Peter Breggin, MD.

Study finds psychotherapy and anti-depressants equally effective in treating severely depressed primary-care patients

Toxic Psychiatry. Dr. Peter Breggin's milestone book.

Treating psychosis with little or no medication.

Use/Abuse of Prozac by Barbara Amero

US education board advises against drugs for behavioural problems

Why To Avoid Ritalin