Links to Articles and Websites with Evidence of the Harm, as well as Fiscal Fraud, being perpetrated by the "Mental Health" system

Articles Related to Mind Control, Thomas A Dorman, M.D


Letter from the LA county jail. Everett Reed spent over a year in the Riverside County jail observation isolated "mental health" unit with no mattress, no clothes, no bedding, no TV, no water turned on to the flush toilet, no water turned on to his sink or wash basin with harsh 24 hour lighting and a surveillance camera. He was not allowed to send mail. This is his first chance to write in over a year since he has now been transferred to the (relatively) more humane environment of a State "Hospital."

The prevalence of abuse histories in the mental health system.

Report psychiatric abuse. No one can claim that I endorse Scientology, but nonetheless the Citizen's Commision On Human Rights has clout and they stand ready to help you call these criminals to justice.

7 1/2 Days
Reporter dresses shabbily, feigns feelings of hopelessness to psych ER. He ends up finding no real help offered, an environment of boredom and squalor, and leaves with a bill for $8,400.