Sociopolitical Realities by Sue Poole

Sociopolitical realities. They are there. They are not going away unless numbers of people united in a cause build up community and clout to end social injustice and institutional brutalities.

If you have a psychiatric label in this culture, you are considered many things, none of them positive. You are inferior. You are deficient in essential human qualities. You are dangerous. You are unpredictable. You are unreliable. You are unable to perceive reality accurately. You are stupid. You are incapable of achieving goals you have set for yourself and must be managed and observed. You are inarticulate. You are unable to express your viewpoints or negotiate in the public political arena. You are considered alien, strange, outcast, undesirable. You are a non-person. You are fit only to collect disability and pay the government insurance back into the system that ensures you remain that way.

Those are sociopolitical realities. Here are more. The mental health system makes lots of money and enhances its own professional status by exploiting your distress and differences. Its proponents enhance their social status by destroying yours. The system uses force to project a false image of dangerousness and criminality of the psychiatrically labeled. This enables them to justify incarcerating you until your insurance is gone. This enables them to surround your house with 30 police officers and throw tear gas at you and shoot at you with rubber bullets, cut off your electricty and water, throw hamburger wrappers and styrofoam cups in your driveway and then handcuff you and drag you off for an expensive observation period, for which dubious service the state considers you the payee.

The mental health system deliberately disempowers and impoverishes you because that enables social workers to get you qualified for disability so you can receive Medicare and Medicaid so the system can get paid for defining your reality and determining your future. By creating a permanent underclass of undesirables, the system justifies its expansion of both influence and turf. By keeping you emotionally traumatized, physically stunned with damaging drugs and convinced through propaganda that you are mentally ill, without sufficient insight to identify your own needs and manage your own affairs, the mental health system disables you for its own ends. The system uses you. So-called advocacy agencies use you. The madness establishment manipulates and distorts information about you to ensure that you can continue to be used for purposes of profit and elevated social status for its professionals, who regard you with disdain and contempt as genetically defective accidents of birth that must be controlled, managed, confined, intimidated into acquiescence.

The mental health system disseminates propaganda claiming all psychiatrically labeled persons have diseased brains. The mental health system claims people with diseased brains should not be stigmatized or shut out of society. Then the mental health system proceeds to sequester you, isolate you socially and abrogate your rights by denying you due process in court proceedings through which probate attorneys profit handsomely by not defending you or attempting to obtain your release. The mental health system says stigma and discrimination are wrong. The mental health system then proceeds to confine you, projecting an image of criminality and dangerousness, and justifies this injustice by declaring that you might harm someone, although you have never in your life committed an act of violence or threatened to do so.

Lawmakers are lobbied by drug companies, mental health departments and family-oriented advocacy groups to make laws more and more repressive, so that being confined and force-treated in your home is a real possibility. Drug companies and mental health departments profit by the passage of more and more repressive laws. "Family oriented advocacy" agencies get money from the mental health system to hire "normals" who help the mental health system devise more and more humiliating and debilitating policies so this mess can be perpetuated and "normal" advocates can be paid for negotiating political deals that benefit the system, the advocacy agencies, the drug companies...almost everyone but the consumers who are merely objects for exploitation in this giant game of fraud and deceit. You keep a lot of judges in business, too. Of course, laws mandating that you can be confined, observed, drugged and spied upon in your own domicile are based on the assumption that you have a home after several years of neuroleptics, a lot of debilitating polypharmacy, several career losses because of unnecessary confinements and years of clinicians' assaults on your identity as a full human being with needs, hopes, dreams, goals and talents to offer society.

Lawmakers believe what the drug companies, mental health professionals and advocacy groups tell them because once you have been locked away, your word is no longer valid in the dominant culture. Nothing you say, think or report has credibility from that point on. You are a nonperson in the eyes of the law and society after being involuntarily incarcerated. The mental health system calls this help. The government calls this "protecting the public."
>From YOU.

Lawmakers do not solicit your viewpoint for all the preceding reasons. And also because, even though you still retain the right to vote, you do not belong to a national organization like NAMI or the Mental Health Association, an organization with clout and numbers and money to contribute to campaign funds and drug research and human experimentation and medical school propaganda about how your brain is diseased and must be "fixed" with disabling drugs and police force.

You have not banded together with other oppressed persons in sufficient numbers to make an impact on election outcomes. You can't stuff anyone's campaign coffers. You can't fund any research. You can't volunteer your children for a twin study organized by E. Fuller Torrey. Why should anyone care what you think or need as long as the system profits, the drug companies thrive, the propaganda machine keeps pumping out deliberate lies, the insurance companies keep paying for unwarranted confinements and abusive "treatments" and biopsychiatry perpetuates the notion that your brain is defective and diseased? Meaning that YOU, by extension, are defective and diseased and, therefore, worthless to fulfill any function but that of cash cow for the exploiters.

You may be happy with these sociopolitical realities. You may not be happy with them. It really doesn't matter, because you are mentally ill. All you are is a cash cow for a system that would collapse if it actually made strides toward helping you achieve self-determination and social acceptability.

Just thought I'd throw in a reality check, for what it may be worth.




I have had to learn the simplest things last, which made for difficulties. -

Charles Olson from "The Maximus Poems"



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