"Psychiatry is a powerful and violent tool of social control in a deeply unjust and dysfunctional society."

Cover of Mad in America.Mad In America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill. Medical writer Robert Whitaker exposes the scandal of US "mental health" history of the last one hundred sixty years, which reads like a replay of the Inquisition; it's a scandal the corporate press works overtime to keep undercover in our day and age. A refreshing counter-balance to the disorder of useless and misleading books filling the psychiatry/psychology shelves today.

Data indicates the "antidepressant" Prozac is responsible for 25,000 suicide deaths.

Report from Highlander:
Psychiatric Survivors Speak for Themselves.

This letter to Ralph Nader (who just don't get it) by radio commentator Rich Winkel states our case very well.

Domenici, Kennedy Introduce Psycho Scarecrow Bill.


More than anyone else, Rae Unzicker brought the idea of ending institutionalized psychiatric abuse to the forefront of national policy. As a member of the National Council on Disability and the only psychiatric survivor ever appointed to such a position, she was instrumental in the production of the landmark NCD report From Privileges to Rights: Psychiatric Survivors Speak for Themselves. (For a free copy of this report, contact this webmaster by e-mail.) From a 1995 interview by Mouth Magazine, here is some straight talk from a staunch fighter who none-the-less lost the fight to cancer. Rae died March 22, 2001. She was 52.


Sign the Human Rights Statement Against Psychiatric Persecution.

One Tough Banana.Pelee Shrinkbiter says: "Anarchy is preferable to the Organized Quackery that is the Therapeutic State." He recommends a slippery skin offense (taking full advantage of every slip-up) when dealing with overbearing and overburdening pseudo-medical authority figures.

Illustration of a blinded Samsom breaking a temple column.Having at last caught up on their history, shrinks now have expertly determined that our temple-wrecking hero Samson was afflicted with "Antisocial Personality Disorder." If violently disliking Philistines (the modern day Palestinians) was sick deviance, shrinks may as well extend their diagnosis to the entire Jewish Nation.


For something not so completely different....

Like psychiatric oppression, the Zionist oppression of Palestinians is an issue the American public prefers to turn a blind eye to. You can't resume a state after a 2000 year hiatus without being the cause of a host of problems. An entire people has been subjugated and dislocated. Be informed; take responsibility. It is US military hardware and financial support that precludes a just resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. News compliments of the Electronic Intifada.

Human Rights Wire

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