One of the Mental Hygiene series of Scott Chambers cartoons from the July 2001 Mouth.


Mental "patients" have NO rights." Titled A Call for a New Look at the Legal Foundation of Mental Health Law, this article was written by a former mental "patient" who is a lawyer. Also by Ron Thompson, What We Are Up Against.

A history of failure. Author and psychologist Bruce Levine pummels psychiatry, psychotropic drugs and the role both may have played in the case of Andrea Yates.

Mental Unit Inmate Fights for Freedom (Sept. 16 Chicago Tribune). Quick link to the Rodney Yoder page.

Depressed? Perhaps your chemical imbalance is dietary. Science urges us to eat fish!

In its January 2000 report to the President, the National Council On Disability concluded that the manner in which American society treats people with psychiatric disabilities constitutes a national emergency and a national disgrace. The other side of the Surgeon General's report, their From Privileges to Rights: People Labeled With Psychiatric Disabilities Speak for Themselves is a must-read. Link to a PDF version of this report.

The Russell Tribunal on Human Rights in Psychiatry convened in Berlin June 30/July 1, 2001.

Patch Adams condemns forced psychiatry.

 Prescription for Scandal: Biological Psychiatry's Faustian Pact

UK conference titled Adverse Psychiatric Reactions to Medication scheduled for November 2001.

What happens if you are unjustly incarcerated for "mental illness" but sane? Think petititioning to the authorities would do you any good? Think a letter from someone you may have heard of, Patch Adams, do any good? Rodney Yoder remains incarcerated, not at all enjoying the "treatment" and this letter from Patch Adams to Illinois Governor George Ryan remains ignored.

Diseased? Or merely demoralized? Random excerpts from Commonsense Rebellion: Debunking Psychiatry, Confronting Society.

1000 dollars a day for this??


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