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 Is there truly a need for a medical specialty to address the emotional and mental frailties of mankind? Unaccountably? Coercively? Have they been up to the task? Can drugs and electroshock alone cope with these human problems? Laying them all at the doorstep of an only presumed defective biology, medically oriented but medically inept psychiatry forgets that trauma is the cause of most mental imbalance, not chemical insufficiencies.

Why have religious ministers abandoned the souls of their suffering brethren to godless charlatans who pretend they are providing health care just to enjoy power and privilege for their own sakes? It's as if the "mentally ill" are considered bereft of souls, and having no rights, are like meat on the butchers' block.

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The Journal of the Psychiatric Survivor Movement, Dendron tells it like it is, while accepting NO funding from the government or pharmaceutical industry. Supported soley by the donations of those who won't abide the totalitarian push by a drug company subsidized NAMI, a taxpayer-funded NIMH, the APA, the pharmaceutical lobbiests and their [grateful for all those campaign contribution] allies in government to make us all "consumers" of psychiatric drugs -- in it you will find reporting of alternatives not funded by or discouraged by the Therapeutic State (this means YOU, US Government..)

For a FREE copy of the last Dendron (shown) [henceforth renamed the MindFreedom Journal], just fill out this online form. Sorry, I must ask those outside the US to contribute to the increased expense of postage by sending their request by letter to Antipsychiatry Coalition, PO Box 1253, Topeka KS 66601-1253.




Mark went from being a misdiagnosed mental patient to hospital director. This intense autobiography is not only inspiring to individuals, but is expected to impact the field of psychiatry in a powerful way.

The author presently directs a treatment facility in Western Pennsylvania that focuses on treating the whole person: the body, the mind, and the spirit. As a therapist, author, radio talk show host, and former hospital director, Mark has nearly fifteen years of sobriety from mind and mood altering substances. Miraculously, he survived years of addiction, depression, sexual abuse, and psychiatric misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. At one point, he was locked away in a state mental hospital in a unit for the criminally insane. Sharing Mark's journey through the darkness can lead you to the light of life.

Mark is avialiable for radio and television appearances as well as speaking engagements.

ISBN: 1-880451-41-7      To order by mail, send check or M.O. for $14.95 + $3.20 Shipping/Handling payable to Mark Bedillion, 154 Glenn St., Suite #9, Pittsburgh, PA 15205. By phone: 1-800-247-6553.

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